vw campervan rental

Summer is here and you probably haven’t booked your summer vacation yet as you were uncertain if quarantine restrictions were being lifted, and whether things would be back to normal.

The good news is you can travel again, as long as you keep your family safe and healthy. But if you tire of the same old hotel stay, why not consider a campervan hire where you can drive where you want, and stay where you want.

What Kinds of Campervans Can I Rent?

It depends on where you rent, but if you choose Jeve Group, we offer the VM camper van rental and the Volkswagen camper van hire here on our site.

You can choose your campervan based on the size of your family and spots for sleeping. Some of our rentals have pull-out sides that create extra living space. If you need more info, you can visit our website to see what is available to book now, or what is available for Summer.

Why Should I Choose Jeve & Not Just Borrow a Neighbour’s Van?

Even if your neighbour offers to lend you their campervan, you should exercise caution before doing so.

For one thing, you want to ensure that the campervan is well-maintained. The last thing you want is to get stuck anywhere the UK, with no means to return to your home, should your campervan break down.

And if it does, simply call our phone number and we’ll offer the best solution to you. The next best reason why you should only book with a reputable campers for hire company is because you need to have the appropriate insurance coverage.

The last thing you want is to be sued just because there is a chip in the window which was not your fault at all. Insurance covers all incidents and accidents on the road.

Why Should I Consider Campervan Hire?

Booking a vacation can take time, from booking time off from work for both you and your partner, then trying to figure out where to go, and booking transportation and a hotel.

Many people don’t feel confident in driving their cars long distance, and hotel fees and airfare are increasing every year. The next best solution is to consider a campervan hire.

Not only are you booking your vehicle, which you’ll use to travel all over the UK, but you can also sleep in it at night.

Where Can I Stay in a Campervan?

You’ll need to do a bit of research before you travel. If you’re visiting friends or family, ask them if there is space for you to park your campervan hire. There are also parks that accept campervans, or even specific holiday camper park spaces you can rent.

Parks may be more affordable than an RV park rental, so you’ll want to do your research. Typically, RV parks will book up quickly, whereas parks don’t offer as many amenities, increasing your chances that you’ll find a spot that day, rather than booking in advance.

Can I Come and Go?

The best thing about booking a camper van rental is that you have the freedom to move around as much and often as you like.

You can even stay in a hotel one or two nights, but you’ll feel confident in knowing that should all the hotels be booked up in your next travel city, that you’ll be able to stay those nights in your campervan.

You can travel all over the UK and even throughout Europe. If you wish to visit Europe, you’ll need to give us prior notice so we are aware of where you are going.

I Can’t Find a Rental

Summer is here and campervans are quickly booking up. If you can’t find anything to rent on other sites, do check our website too. We’ll be adding more campervan rentals to our sites over the next few weeks.

Please check back often, or do see what we have available, and consider trying some other dates to book. The VW camper van rental is popular but we may have some others available soon.

Where Can I Book a Campervan Now?

Is your family eager to get away for a summer vacation? If you haven’t already decided what to do, consider finding a campervan rental near me. You can search on our website at Jeve Group local camper van hire to find what you need.

You can go through the available listings to book your desired vehicle. Our campervan rentals start at three nights and more.

What Can I Use the Campervan for?

A lot of this is common sense. You can drive to your desired travel location, and you can sleep in your campervan.

You cannot smoke in it, you’ll have to go outside for that. Really, anything you wouldn’t allow your family to do in your own home will be something you can’t do in your campervan.

 But do treat it like your second home and you’ll have an amazing time!

What Is Included?

The rental of the campervan is for your set number of days, plus fully comprehensive insurance. You’ll also get a full tank of fuel to get started, so you can simply drive it to your home and pack it up and go.

How to Book Campers for Hire?

Please browse our website to find the VW campervan rental you need for your holiday week ahead. You should book early because the summer ahead is going to be busy with vacationers travelling all over the UK, and you want to avoid disappointment.

It’s also important, so you get your desired timeframe, rather than being disappointed that you only get to go out for two or three nights instead of a full week.

If you’ve been thinking of finding a campervan rental near me, now is the time to book before summer gets super busy!

We’re positive that you and your family will have a whole lot of fun and the freedom to travel where you want, when you want, without the high costs of hotel fees or airfare.