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VW T6 Transporter

From  £75.00 Per Night

Please note: Campervans can be collected anytime after 2pm and must be returned no later than 11am.

Change dates free of charge in the event of Covid-19 cancellation.

Uncertain What to Do This Summer? Rent a Camper Van or Motorhome!

It was extremely difficult to find ways to occupy ourselves and our families last summer what with all the health restrictions. This year, things are loosening up, but just in case, you want your family to stay safe and secure while things improve. But what should you do? You don’t want to stay at home, but you also don’t want to stay at the same hotel for six weeks in a row. The next best solution is to find motorhomes for hire in Hertfordshire, or camper van hire St Albans. You’ll have the freedom to move from place to place while also having a place to stay for the night.

Should I Rent a Camper Van or a Motorhome?

You may be puzzled whether you should try Campervans For Hire Hertfordshire or Motor Home Hire Hertfordshire. First of all, it depends on how many people are joining you on your travel adventure, and how many spaces there are to sleep. A family would be better to look at motorhomes for hire in Hertfordshire while a couple or single person would like Campervans For Hire Hertfordshire. If you’re travelling shorter distances, a camper van may be the best option, but if you’re travelling for several weeks, then a bigger space to rest such as a motor home, may be your best solution.

What Are the Advantages of a Camper Van or Motorhome to Rent?

It can be hard to get up at 5 am on your vacation to make a flight or train trip. Instead, you can get a camper van to rent and have the freedom to do your trip on your own schedule. If you arrive at midnight at your travel destination then you can simply park and go to sleep. There is no need to drive from place to place trying to find a motel to rent, or having to call around to find one, or explain why you missed the check in time to the hotel.

Can I Stay in My Campervan at My Relative’s House?

Yes, you can if you plan on staying for the summer. The first consideration is comfort and whether you feel comfortable on the mattress and having to flush out the waste water and put in fresh water for the sink at specific points in time. You will be given a list of instructions during the time of rental. It’s just like filling up your vehicle with gas or oil and isn’t that difficult to do. And you’ll still have the convenience of using your relative’s indoor bathroom or shower too. You’ll also need to consider if they have space for your vehicle in their driveway or backyard, as many cities only allow recreational vehicles to park on the street for a few days at a time.

Does the VW T6 Transporter Interest You?

Many people may be worried that a little camper van won’t provide them enough space. It can seem especially daunting after you get all your luggage and supplies on board. But the VW T6 Transporter offers a great solution. Once you’re arrived at your destination, whether rental RV park or your relative’s back yard, this camper actually opens up. Besides placing chairs and a small table outside to enjoy the outdoors, the top of the camper opens up. This provides space to walk around, and to also have an alcove where you can sleep. Our awning is easy to set up and opens up the amount of covered outdoors space you have. This can be used for your table and chairs if it’s a rainy day, or can be used to place some sleeping bags and mattresses to sleep on at bedtime.

Camper Van Vs. Motorhome Amenities

A campervan has two seats in front for driver and passenger. In the back is a small seating area with small table. There is usually a small sink to do a quick wash up, and a microwave and small fridge. In contrast, a motorhome can have seating for an entire family, with a small bathroom in the back with small sink, toilet, and shower function.

There will be a sitting area with space for up to 4 people, and a small table. This part may pull out to provide sleeping space for children. There will be a small fridge, microwave, sink, and stove to make food. At the very back will be a small master bedroom for adults. There will be ample storage space inside, and a few cupboards accessible from the outside. Generally, longterm living is better in a motorhome than a camper van.

Do I Need Camper Van Insurance?

Yes, no matter how good of a driver you think you may be, insurance is required. It covers more than car accidents too. It also covers against theft or vandalism. The last thing you want to worry about is having to repair or replace something that you have no control over. Insurance protects both the company and you from a wide variety of situations. You’ll feel much better knowing that the insurance will cover everything.

Where Do I Find Campervans for Hire?

Whether you’re looking for Camper Vans For Hire Hertfordshire, or Motor Home Hire Hertfordshire, or camper van hire St Albans, you can find what you desire at our Jeve Group website. We have one popular choice, the VW T6 Transporter that will work for most people. If you prefer a smaller vehicle to drive, this is much like driving a van. You won’t have to worry about how to park a bigger motorhome. If you prefer something else, please visit our Jeve Group website to find the perfect campervan or motorhome rental for you!

If you’re thinking that a campervan or a motorhome rental in the summer would be a fun thing to do, please visit our Jeve Group website today. Our rentals can book up quickly, so now is the time to start so you can avoid disappointment. Soon you’ll have a fun and exciting summer ahead!

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