1. You can stay in a boutique hotel, with a different view each day  

Our campervans for hire are beautiful, truly beautiful. But unlike a boutique hotel, you don’t need to be constrained by their location. Love the seaside, and city breaks and wild moors? Great! Hire a campervan and spend a few days in each. If you drive past the most exquisite view, why not stop there for lunch? Or for the night? You have your kitchen, your suitcase and your bed already with you. 

 2. You can listen to the sound of rain on the roof without it dripping on your face 

There are so many things I love about camping. Including the cosiness of being wrapped up in bed while you listen to the drip drip of rain overhead. But I don’t love when it starts to creep down the walls or trickle across the floor or (as it did last time I tried to camp in a tent) drip on my face! Campervans are weathertight, windproof and wonderfully well insulated, so you can be really close to the elements without being in them. 

 3. It’s a wonderful way to explore what’s on your doorstep 

We are big fans of the staycation. We spend so much time (and money, and carbon) travelling the world while ignoring huge swathes of our own country. And there’s just so much to see!

4. It’s the perfect combination of indoor and outdoor 

In the 21st century, we spend more time indoors than any generation before us. We want to spend time outside and we know we need to spend time outside for our physical and mental health. Camping is amazing for that. But sometimes the British weather gets the better of us and it is really hard spending days on end cooped up in a tent, tripping over each other, eating off your lap and trying to keep your stuff organised with little success. Campervans are the perfect middle ground. Just throw open the doors in the morning and invite the outside in. You can stay in the most beautiful and wild places, you can eat outdoors and spend the evening around a campfire. But when it gets too cold or wet or windy you can head indoors where you’ll find a table to play games round, a spacious and comfortable kitchen and places to keep your stuff, plus enough room to hang your wet things to dry! 

a game of scrabble and a bottle of beer in the back of a campervan overlooking the sea

 5. It’s a flexible way to travel that suits the whole family 

Choosing a holiday that suits the whole family is a bit like trying to cook a dinner everyone will like. In other words, you’ll always have someone complaining. But a campervan trip can suit the beach bum, the outdoor sports enthusiast, the tea shop lover, the game player and the sightseer. And when anyone gets bored, you can just move on! 

6. It feels really adventurous while being very accessible 

There’s no getting away from it, if what you really want is an all-inclusive holiday in Tenerife then a campervan holiday is very unlikely to be for you. However, for those of you with the spirit of adventure who for whatever reason can’t go trekking across the mountains with a tent on your back, a campervan holiday can be a great way to meet that need in an accessible way. Maybe you have health issues, young children or you just feel like you’re getting a bit too old for it, why not choose comfort and adventure? You can find out more information about campervan hire for people with disabilities or chronic illness here

 7. You don’t have to sleep on an airbed 

See above. A lot of us don’t like airbeds and many others can’t physically sleep on an airbed or roll mat. Our campervans have deliciously comfortable mattresses that many of our customers say are even more comfortable than their bed at home. If a comfy mattress is really important to you get in touch for our recommendations. 

the sun pouring into the back of a campervan

 8. It’s on your bucket list 

Do you have a campervan adventure on your bucket list but are waiting for the right time? Or until you have the time and money to buy or convert one? Well, life’s too short. Make 2018 the year that you actually hire a campervan. And if you decide to convert your own later down the line you’ll be so grateful for having tried one out to help you figure out the perfect design for you. 

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