If a motorhome holiday is something that has always been on your bucket list of things to do then there is no better time to go for it than now! At Jeve group Campervans we love everything about camper van holidays and all it brings, so we have put together a handy list of inspiration as to why we think a motorhome trip is a holiday that everyone should experience!

1 – It’s always good to try a new experience!

A holiday in a motorhome or a campervan is on a lot of peoples bucket list of things to do. We find it is sometimes the holiday that is put to the back of the queue in favour of relaxation on a beach or that it is seen as a more strenuous type of holiday adventure. In fact that couldn’t be further from the truth! A new experience is always great for the soul and a motorhome holiday gives you so much more of a feeling of relaxation and getting away from it all than most holidays. New experiences provide new memories, open up ideas for new hobbies, learn new things about the world and visit a number of places in one trip……. It’s not just one new experience but many!

2. You can see so much of an area by touring

Being able to travel and explore is one of the biggest benefits of a motorhome holiday. You are not tied to one hotel or area, if the weather turns or you are enjoying being in a location and want to stay longer you have the choice to change your plans to suit your needs. You can take in as many or as little miles as you want, especially with a Highland Campervans hire motorhome as our mileage is unlimited giving you the freedom to explore.

3. Freedom!

That brings us nicely onto freedom! There is a lot of freedom to a motorhome holiday, clock watching really isn’t essential! You don’t have to tie down too many plans if you don’t want too. If you are a person that likes to take things day to day this type of holiday would really suit you. There are numerous campsites across Scotland with excellent facilities and although we recommend them for many reasons, the camaraderie being the most important, you do have the choice to freedom camp with your campervan or motorhome as well. It is very important to point out that there are some rules and guidelines to follow when freedom camping to make sure that you leave no trace, respecting your surroundings and environment at all times. We provide a comprehensive handover to all our hire customers to ensure you head off on your trip confident and happy that you know all the motorhoming etiquette and correct behaviours to make sure you have the best trip possible.

4. Time to ditch the tent and upgrade?

Have you spent many years camping, loved it but fed up of sleeping on the floor? A motorhome is a fabulous upgrade to going camping. We get many people making the step to a more “glamping” experience, depending on your vehicle most motorhomes come with a cassette toilet and washroom, including a shower. All your cooking and eating equipment provided and the luxury of a seating area and bed included, ok so in some instances you may have to make the bed up but no guide ropes to tighten in the wind and you can even turn the heating on to get nice and toasty if the weather is blowing a hoolie outside!

5. Get outside! Go on an adventure!

Adventure is always good for the soul so they say and we agree, this can be anything from going for a walk on a beach, having a picnic in the woods or taking on your very first campervan trip, once you have made the first step you will reap the rewards, as with many of the other points in this list the very minimum you will get is great memories, good stories to tell family and friends and another tick to your bucket list!

6. Enhance your hobby

This is probably one of the best reasons to try out motorhoming, it is such a great way to enhance so many hobbies. How, You are probably thinking? Well let us give you a few examples. Do you have a passion for photography? Being in a motorhome you are able to park close to that hill, beach, loch or view that you want to capture in many lights, giving you the opportunity to set off at early oclock and come back to a warm and cozy environment for a hot drink, some food or a quick nap before heading to your next setting. Alternatively are you an artist who gets inspired by amazing landscapes or nature? A camper van for hire Luton with internal desk space or external camping chairs and tables gives you the perfect space to take in the inspiration and put it to paper. Ample storage for equipment in the motorhomes means that you are not restricted to a few hobbies we can list many more, fishing, mountain biking, running, cycling, skateboarding, hill walking, astronomy, birdwatching, orienteering, the list really does go on!

7. Spend quality time

Spending quality time with friends and loved ones is essential, we are so busy day to day that we often forget to just stop and take a moment with our nearest and dearest. A motorhome holiday is a great excuse to ensure quality time is spent together. Make the plans together, all choose a different destination you want to visit, something you want to try or just plan a trip that means simply relaxing in each other company with a drink in hand and nothing but a great view and hours to catch up!

8. Disconnect

To be able to disconnect from the stresses and strains of everyday life is getting more and more valuable for our health and wellbeing. The great thing about the Scottish Highlands is that its easier to disconnect than it is to get a phone signal! Turn off the electronics, disconnect with social media and reconnect with everything else! Read a book, write a letter, make plans, talk, read a magazine, switch off completely and let your body and brain rest. It will all be there when you return but you will be refreshed and full of energy to tell everyone about your great adventures.

9. No family left behind…. Pet friendly holiday!

You never have to leave an important member of the family behind – it’s a pet friendly holiday! Scotland is the best playground for fantastic walks with your furry family! They can stretch their legs and use up lots of energy across the numerous white sandy beaches, hill walks or forest tracks. Half of our award winning fleet of luxury hire motorhomes are suitable for pets and we allow them to join you free of charge with just a few house rules and sticking respectfully to the guidelines of the Scottish outdoor access code. It’s a perfect holiday choice meaning no one gets left out and the memories made include the whole family!

10. Try it to check you like it!

If van life is on your bucket list plan and the dream is to own your very own beautiful campervan or motorhome, but in reality you are not sure where to start with working out what your best van option would be, a motorhome hire is an ideal way to learn what does and doesn’t suit you. It may seem like an expensive test but purchasing a leisure vehicle is such a huge investment it is worth spending a little to experience different models, layouts and manufacturers before taking the plunge with your hard earned savings. Highland Campervans hire fleet includes vehicles from some of the leading motorhome manufactuers, such as Globecar, Knaus, Auto Sleepers, Weinsberg and swift. We are also an award winning dealership for these brands and more, meaning we can give you plenty of helpful advice and information to help you make one of the best decisions you can make, to own a motorhome or campervan!

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