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Who says a home away from home cannot be hired?

Nothing can beat the sights you could see that are just down the road… all you need now is a place to stay!

What you get when you hire from Jeve Group.

Comprehensive hire insurance

Breakdown Cover

Competitive Pricing

Why choose Jeve Group?

Jeve group is an independently run business meaning we care about our customers and the experience they have with us! 

We offer affordable camper-van hire within the United Kingdom, the versatility, flexibility and sense of adventure you get from a camper-van hire holiday cannot be beaten. Whether you are looking to explore the English Countryside under your own steam, fancy a few home comforts at a weekend festival or broadening your horizons to explore some of Europe’s most beautiful locations. Our camper-vans will provide you with the perfect home from home.

Our Campervans

VW T6 Transporter

DSG Automatic / 2016 / 180BHP

How to book...

Step 1 – Click the ‘Find Out More’ button.

Step 2 – Click ‘Check Availability’.

Step 3 – Check what dates are available that suit you.

Step 4 – Call or email to discuss dates and pay the deposit to secure dates.

Step 5 – 8 weeks before collecting the van, call to pay the balance.

Step 6 – Collect the van!


Can’t find the answer to your question? Click here to get in touch.

Step 1-

On the home page, click the ‘Hire’ button located on the top right-hand side or the ‘Find Out More’ button located further down the page under the ‘Our camper vans’ section.

Step 2-

Press the ‘Check Availability’ button to see what dates are available that suit you.

Step 3-

Call us on 07949 541 714 / 07785 580 735 or drop us an email on to discuss the dates and arrange taking a deposit.

Step 4-

When the dates are agreed, if the departure date is more than 8 weeks away, we will take a £100 deposit over the phone with our card machine. If the departure date is within 8 weeks we will call and take full payment.

Our comprehensive insurance cover requires drivers to be at least 23 and no older than 75. 

However, exceptions can be made if we notify the insurance company prior to you hiring the van. So get in touch to see if we can accommodate your booking.

When you hire a camper-van from us we provide you with: 

  • Fully Comprehensive Insurance (£250 Excess) 
  • Nationwide Breakdown Cover
  • A full tank of fuel to get you started!

Our camper-vans are serviced regularly so we’re confident you won’t ever need this service but we understand things happen! 

If you were to breakdown within the UK please call: 07785580735 for assistance. They will then arrange help for you and get you back on the road. Where they can’t, our team will get in touch to discuss the options.


On all bookings that take place within the next 8 weeks we do require full payment to ensure the camper-van is secured for your travels.

Bookings that take place after 8 weeks from booking date we can take a deposit of £100, then 8 weeks before collection the remaining balance needs to be paid.

On collection a charge will be taken on card of £750 to cover damages, this will be refunded in full subject to inspection when the vehicle is handed back at the end of your trip. 

There are no restrictions on driving in the UK and driving in the European continent is available with prior notice.

Yes, the minimum stay in the camper-vans is 3 nights.

We have a set of guidelines that you must follow when using one of our camper-vans.

See that list here: Do’s & Dont’s 

Why Renting a Motorhome in Luton or Bedfordshire Is  Worry-Free

Have you seen your neighbours spend six figures on a motorhome, only to park it in their driveway for the next several years? Perhaps you’re interested in motorhome vacations but you don’t want to spend a few years of paycheques only to discover it’s not right for you. Here at Jeve Group we offer a fun and relaxing way to take the burden off your hands so you can have a fun and enjoyable summer.

Is Camper Van Hire Luton the Best Option?

Yes, you should always rent first before you spend a lot of money. A VW camper van rental can be a fun way to not only drive around the UK exploring new places, but also provides a solution to avoiding paying expensive hotel or motel fees for the next several weeks.

A Longterm Rental Solution

Have you ever wanted to take an extended holiday, but balked at the exorbitant hotel fees? And often most don’t want travellers staying more than a few weeks or most private home residence rentals are for a few days at a time. Plus, you probably want the freedom of being able to drive from location to location, exploring what each town or region in the UK has. One of your best solutions to your summer vacation dilemma is finding camper vans for hire in Bedfordshire. If you need a motorhome for a week, we can provide one. If you need it for the summer, we can do that too.

What If I Need a Campervan?

Whether you need Camper Van Hire Luton or Camper Van Hire Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire, you can rent a camper van or a motorhome with ease. Perhaps you want to start smaller and try a camper van. Later, you may appreciate more room and living space in a motorhome rental Luton.

Why Should I Choose Motorhome Rental Luton?

There are high costs associated with buying a camper van or a motorhome. You should rent one first to see if it suits your lifestyle. Many people are retired and can benefit from year-round campervans for hire in Bedfordshire, but if you’re still working you’ll have to fit it into your vacation schedule. You’ll have to decide if it’s worth spending thousands of pounds to have a motorhome parked in your driveway, when you can simply rent one instead, and use your savings for something else.

What Do I Do with a Motorhome or Camper Van?

You may be hearing about how your friends have had a fabulous time on their motorhome or camper van rental holidays. These vehicles allow you to drive to your destination without the need for an additional car or truck. Once at your destination, you can find a spot to park and stay inside your recreational vehicle that night. Some campers occasionally decide to stay at a motel to take a break, or enjoy the amenities. Depending on the size of your vehicle will depend on how intricate of the meals you can make for yourself, or if you only have a spot inside to sit down and eat takeaway food.

Where Do I Park My Rental Vehicle?

You’ll have to do some research so you’re not disappointed when you arrive. If there is a specific RV park you want to stay at, you may have to book in advance to avoid disappointment. Many big box stores are fine with rental vehicles staying overnight, as they know you’ll be buying food and other items from there during the day.

You’ll have to check local city bylaws on whether you can park in residential areas, and if so, for how many days. Some people brave a traffic ticket, but you’ll have to decide if that’s worth it to you. If you have any friends or family in the cities you’re visiting, you should ask them if they’d like a visit and if you can park your vehicle in their driveway. You may even offer to pay a small rental fee to encourage them to say yes!

How Do I Handle the Utilities?

When you rent you’ll be given a list of instructions on what to do to handle the fresh water and waste water, and who is in charge of gas. If you’re only going away for a short length of time, you won’t have to worry about it. If you’re away for longer, but still nearby, you can visit the rental facility to handle these chores. If you’re further away, you’ll soon learn how to handle these chores yourself.

Why Should I Choose a Company & Not Borrow a Friend’s Camper?

It’s important to rent from a legitimate VW campervan hire Bedfordshire or Luton region company. The main reason is that you want to ensure that you’re renting a well-maintained vehicle. The last thing you need is for it to break down, then have to stay in a hotel anyway. Also, insurance isn’t just recommended, it’s a requirement. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen, or other small events. It’s important that everyone has insurance in case of loss or accident. Then you won’t be out-of-pocket should something happen.

We’re also a bit strict with certain items. For instance, smoking is not allowed inside our motorhomes or campers, so you don’t have to worry about allergies or bad smells. Drinking or doing drugs and driving is also forbidden, as we want you and your family and friends to stay safe.

Where Do I Rent Camper Vans and Motorhomes?

If you’re ready to start your research, please visit the Jeve Group website. We have many years of experience servicing and renting campervans and motorhomes in the Luton and Bedfordshire regions of the UK.

If you’re ready to search for motorhomes and campervans for hire in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, St Albans, Harpenden or Luton, please visit our Jeve Group website today to learn more. Once you see how simple and fun it is to book a rental campervan or motorhome, we know that you’ll do the same year after year.